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Quick filament review: 3DJAKE ecoPLA red

There are far too few reviews of 3d printer filament. For this reason I’m starting a series of quick filament reviews: short filament reviews, some remarks, some findings, and whether I’d buy it again. For this third installment: 3DJAKE ecoPLA red.

3DJAKE filaments

The 3d printing related webshop 3DJAKE is an international webshop and they have their own filament brand. It is unclear to me if they extrude and produce it themselves or if they put their own brand on a white label spool.

Packaging and spool

The filament comes in a non-reusable friendly polystyrene spool. I purchased the 250g variant.

3djake ecoPLA red review The product as displayed on the 3djake website

The spool itself is quite basic and not reusable. It should be recyclable though. The spool of filament is shrinkwrapped, but not vacuum.


This filament features a very vibrant red color. It really screams RED when you have objects printed in it.

3djake ecoPLA red review This filament change bottle cap printed on the Anet ET4 Pro came out pretty good

3djake ecoPLA red review Filament change traffic cone

3djake ecoPLA red review Printing parts for my Creality CR-6 SE printer

On this print I noticed some slight warping of the parts. I haven’t seen this with other standard PLA filaments (except BASICFIL Blue) on this build surface.

3djake ecoPLA red review A part with supports - this time using 3dlac for adhesion. The support came of very easily.

The final print is a vase printed with a 0.8mm nozzle at 1.6mm wall width.

3djake ecoPLA red review A beautiful vase that I printed using this filament.

Pro’s / cons


  • No stringing
  • Very vibrant color
  • Easy to use


  • Slight tendency to warp
  • Spool is not reusable and ends up in the trash
  • Small spools are quite expensive (unit price is double of a 1kg spool)

Would I buy this again?

I might buy this again. I do think that there are cheaper filaments available - but this filament isn’t too expensive (about €22).

What are your thoughts?