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Counting down to SMRRF!

It is almost 2 December, and that means that we’re in Europe almost ready for the first edition of the Sanjay Mortimer RepRap Festival organized in Oxford, UK. Organized by the foundation started in the memory of the late Sanjay Mortimer, founder of E3D, which we all love, this is according to SMF “to be the UK’s hottest 3D printing event of the year with companies and visitors from all over the world in attendance. I’Il be going to SMRRF too, together with my father!

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In Europe, especially in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) area, I don’t know any medium to large events focused on the consumer and prosumer market of 3D printing. Although many 3D printing endeavours have their roots also in Europe (one of the main developers of the Marlin 3d printer firmware was a fellow countryman) and of course Ultimaker (now UltiMaker after the fusion with MakerBot) is a Dutch company located in Utrecht.

For industries you also have FormNext in Frankfurt, Germany, which is also on my wishlist to visit some day. However, there is more general industry-level innovation there and it is less focused on consumers. Creality and similar manufacturers can still be found there though.

I’Il be going a single day (2 December only), and flying from Amsterdam Schiphol to London Luton. From there it is a whopping two hours with a coach. In hindsight London Heathrow would have been more quicker, though it appears our journey will be cheaper - even if takes a little bit longer.

Sanjay Mortimer RepRap Festival 2023 - speakers List of speakers as published on the @The_SMF_ Twitter/X account

Unfortunately I’Il be missing the sessions about FullControl on the second day. This seems interesting to me because is a completely different way to generate gcode. I’d looked forward to the PeoPoly session too - since their 3d printer design with linear motors are . The session on ABS also seems interesting, since I can and do print ABS from time to time with my excellent Bambu Lab X1C printer.

SMRRF, let’s go!

What are your thoughts?