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Audible notification at the end of your print with the Creality CR-6 SE

A quick little tip today: If you don’t use Octoprint (or even if you do) you may want to have an audible notification when your 3D print has ended. I’Il show you how!


There is a simple gcode that you can use in your end-gcode in your slicer: M300.

Every M300 command will output a beep. On the CR-6 with the Community Firmware you can’t control the frequency, but can control the duration.

For instance, use this in at the end of your end gcode.

M117 Notifying
M300 P100
G4 P500
M300 P250

This will have two beeps at the end of the print - one short and one long.

Notice I used gcode G4, which tells Marlin to wait for a bit.

These gcodes works as follows:

G4 P[time in milliseconds]
M300 P[time in milliseconds]

So, if you want to beep for a half second, then wait a full second, and do two short beeps, try:

M300 P500
G4 P1000
M300 P100
G4 P500
M300 P100

I hope it helps!

What are your thoughts?