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GDPR / AVG compliance

Next week, on 25 May 2018, the new privacy law of the European Union will be enforced. Although there has been an transition period of two years for everyone to get updated and ready, it appears that until this month, everyone was asleep and didn’t care much for this legislation.

As the Dutch IT Laywer Arnoud Engelfriet states, it is important to note that websites and blogs (even on personal title) are subject to the GDPR.

Therefore I have updated this blog to comply with the new legislation:

  • I have created a privacy register and stored on a private location
  • An privacy statement has been added
  • Reviewed that all places where personal data of this blog might end up (Github / my mail provider) have two factor authentication enabled

It is important to be compliant, even if the chance that you as a blogger will be caught is low.

What are your thoughts?